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Rooster tripawed
21 Apr 2012

The verdict…..The Smokey back room ………and the green visor…………..

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So one cookie two beers and whammo we got our dog blogger back in working order( see dogblogging ) down there \/ ……. So the yester we went for the Verdict…….and you know they just can’t come out and “Lay it on you” so to speak in a casual fashion , and always seem to leave it up to you, when escorted to that same old room to wait ,and then be told through mere eye contact and facial expressions, that once read offer up the verdict as to whether your gonna get that loan that will further your dreams ,spend the rest of your life in jail , live or die or have a boy or a girl……..So you stand with the verdict already bouncing around the room from the gloom and the vibes penetrating through your already to mushy brain and await the clearing of the throat with the covered hand and the start of the whole “Well it seems to me that……….” . Well i call BULLSHIT. So with this the as yet known vessel that i find myself in ,or had found myself in this yester I awaited the verdict…………..And shit no they couldn’t make it plain and simple, and had to drag it out as though my waiting and worrying would make the crash and dive any better or the lifting of the burden any lighter.So there i sat……So in walked the nurse -whom every one of them ( bless their hearts ) have shown the utmost in professional care and friendship in this whole mess I’ve been wading through these last six months- and said follow me please……..And so off we went. Now through all this mess i have been in (THE BACK) where they keep all the people who in my reckoning are maybe not fit to sit out front and greet the general public ,but who all in all preform all the real MAGIC that happens in this place.The mending of broken bones and dispensing of vital chemicals and love that gets most of us through whatever troubles it is we may have .So i know most of it like the back of my paw (So to speak ). So when they didn’t make the usual left hand turn and took the right hand junction ,it had me a bit worried……….but what do i know about verdicts anyways ….I’m just a dog ,I just follow where I’m led or pull where I’m directed. So off we followed and took another right and a left and ended up at a huge door marked “Private ,No Admittance” and waited as the ever so trustful nurse knocked……..”Come on in ” yelled a voice ,and so entered we did .Well what i beheld upon entering was not what i expected,and being a dog i really never expect much…..The room was small and dark and filled with cigar smoke so dense you could have cut it with a knife ,had i thumbs to hold  such an instrument. And so thick was this smoke that we were unable to even see to the other end of this very small room to identify what creature this command had spewed forth from. So upon feeling our way through the haze we came to a very large wooden desk behind which sat the funniest human i have ever laid eyes upon, and being a regular customer of “The Place” I have seen quite a few.Behind this large desk sat this rather rotund gentleman dressed in the usual (for this place) white cotton knee length coat and sporting on top of his head a rather simple looking ,though slightly out of place green “See Though” visor to with which the top of his rather balding head stuck out of . Upon thinking to myself that he would have looked more at place dealing cards in Vegas or trading goods for money in some back street “Hock Shop”I noticed that his head looked sorta like Charlie Brown ,and also that out of his nose grew a vast quantity of blondish grey hair ,thick as spaghetti and looking more like “Scrubbing Bubbles Bristles” then nose hair struck me quite, and having not the facial features nor proper lips to snicker i simply sighed……….Twas then he stood up and as before mentioned beamed with the simple as yet unsaid sentence that i now appear to be CANCER FREE…………..Yippy …woohooo…….Six long months of being poisoned every 21 days ,being poked with so many NEEDLES that if i could count i would have lost such numbers months ago ,and now I’m looking good……Shit scads better then good…..Seems the chest ex-rays came out clean… sight of cancer in the lungs …..(though for good measure they did recommend one more poisoning ) to with which i am now recovering from…….But hey who am i to complain…….Now its just one more Phlebotomy ritual …..and a switch to some pills and homeopathic remedies, and if all goes well I Will Beat This Fucking Scourge ………….So many have been lost …….and very few in the canine world survive longer then just a few months to this rapid growing Cancer ,so i feel blessed ….But the battle is not over until the fat lady sings ,so onward we go into the next phase of this adventure………..Stay with me folks …..and many thanks to all of you out here and your kind and generous thoughts and prayers……With that I’m gonna turn the pet loose to have another before bedtime beer ……as i know this has weighed on him much more so then I  ,and bid you all a pleasant and good evening…………….I feel quite special to have made it this far ,but what do I know ….I’m just a three legged dog named Rooster ……Hell yes Cock – A – Doodle- Dooooooooooooo……

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4 Responses to “The verdict…..The Smokey back room ………and the green visor…………..”

  1. jerry Says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! Rooster, you sure know how to keep us in suspense, I’m glad the news was good!

    Here’s to this three-beer pawsitive news!!! GO ROOSTER!!!

  2. redbud Says:

    O.K. after some good Mexican food and more than one Margarita, this post is so much clearer than before. Looking forward to the next installment. GO ROOSTER!!


  3. AngelAbbysMom Says:

    Congratulations Rooster!! That is indeed pawesome news!!!

    Jackie, Angel Abby’s mom

  4. Judy Says:

    Rooster – you described the awful waiting feeling so well, I got knots in my stomach! We’ve all been there – felt that.
    We’re so excited that you got such great news. Now on with life!

    Hugs, Wags and treats all around!
    Judy and Baby

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