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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012


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Another day another dog bone.What a tiresome day it was the yester,out for a walk to the little steel box on a pole to fetch a few bits of paper and then throw them into the wood stove ,whats up with that? It already has a fire in it . Oh well these humans i never will figure out ,why can’t they just be content with eating sleeping and frolicking………..

frol·ic (frlk)

See Rooster Frolicking…….

1. Gaiety; merriment: fun and frolic.
2. A gay, carefree time.
3. A playful antic.
intr.v. frol·icked, frol·ick·ing, frol·ics
1. To behave playfully and uninhibitedly; romp.
2. To engage in merrymaking, joking, or teasing.
adj. Archaic
[From Dutch vrolijk, merry, from Middle Dutch vrolijc : vro, happy + -lijc, -like; see lk- in Indo-European roots.]

Amazing this what a dog can find out with these flat little TV things and idle human and a few pet human biscuits (cookies) .Well that’s what i did on the way back from the mailbox (see steel box on a pole /\ above) yesterday and i got to do it with that HOT REDHEADED BITCH down the road ……the pet human took the bait of me being tired from the jaunt (another cool word I found without Wikipedia yesterday) to the mailbox and let me stop and rest nose to nose with
Bonnie ( the redheaded bitch down the road) and knowing it would occur sooner or later I waited and played the exhausted pup and the next thing you know Bonnie’s pet human appeared OPENED THE GATE and let me and my pet in .Well boys the frolicking just couldn’t be stopped we ran and chased each other back and forth across the yard and licked and nipped at one another for what seemed like hours ,days or even a lifetime……ahhhh female canine companionship ( just don’t tell Dixie Roo ) after a bit Bonnie went over to the door to the human house and walked right through the bottom ,kinda had me freaked for a minute until I headed over and pushed my nose against the cloth thingy to which where she vanished and low and behold it gave way so I pushed a little more and the next thing you know my whole head was inside so onward i pushed even though the pet was calling me ,I just had to explore and find out just where Bonnie had went and what do you know there she was inside her pet humans house and oh what different smells they had all around there sniffs of food here and there and smells of them undoglike beings that whine and just all kinds of new stuff i didnt even know existed and then i looked up and holy dog bones there were animal heads on the walls DEAD animal heads and giant cat skins and even what i smelled to be a BEAR skin ….. DEAD bear skins ? Animal heads DEAD animal heads? I thought ( because we can think we just have all you humans fooled ) buddy I’m outta here and off i headed for the little door in a door and the next thing you know i was on the outs so to speak if i could speak so i guess i should say or think so to think …….(tis all quite confusing when your scared out of your wits right after thinking you have reached the promised land) and didn’t think a thing of jumping down the three stairs to the bottom and you know i didn’t even take a nose dive as the humans says , so onward we headed to do a bit more frolicking and did i mention GRASS they have loads of grass over here and i frolicked in the grass rolling in the leaves and soon was covered in the pleasant smell of grass and leaves and ahhhh yes dog heaven …… Then it was all over ,we were snapped up leashed down and lead out the gate ,but what wait I aint done yet ,I kept a pulling and giving my best oh man I’m so tired look to the pet but no way no how it was all over ……. so reluctantly I headed back slowly sadly looking as hang-dogged as i could looking more like (as my human says) a worn out old thumping butter churner (what ever that is) and less like the human on a poggo stick being pushed by a rambunctious three year old child or even the steady hop-walking gentledog that i am ……..It took a great while to get back home even with the prodding of my pet and the fake taunts of “get the rabbit” what a grudgingly slow wobble I went.I barely made it inside the gate and sat my tired dog ass down and rested for a good long while . Later I awoke to the pet calling me and headed for the house and ended up having the pet (Buy me a beer) which really means he drinks the beer and I get whatever treats he has brought out to go with said beer which today happened to be a hot spicy human chip that I really don’t care for ,but what the hay as they say can’t win em all…..So all in all it was a grand day my pet brought me in and fed me a few bites of quail he had rubbed down in red Miso paste and steamed over veggies and rice and ended up with a big bowl of treats myself and was soon fed just the little white wafers from the blue bottles that I like and that my friend was indeed the end ,after a quick outside trip to tend to by business i lay on the kitchen floor and didn’t wake until the 6 AM train ( which is another story in itself) rolled by and woke me up .So off i went into the sleeping room of the pet and slowly crawled up on the bed to get one final hour of repose before the set of yet another beautiful day in the badlands of Dogtown. I don’t think I’ll do much today besides sleep yesterday wore the heck out of me …..So with that i bid you farewell and remember ,keep chewing on that shoe…………..

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