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Rooster tripawed
5 Mar 2012

Spring is in the air ,or how i came to hate the war machine.

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Its been some time now ,what with spring being in the air,and the fact that everything is coming alive around the farm here.


The pets been back at it working and getting ready for the weather that’s sure to come ,what ever it may be . These last few weeks have seen anything from 80 degree days to 20 degree nights , winds a little bit of rain and even a little 3 inch dusting of snow to brighten things up.I sure love the snow and sure miss living up north and having it snow feet instead of inches and being able to frolic around in it and roll and tumble. But such is life ,we take it as it comes and try to get by with it the best we can. Pet says we shall have a garden this year though it really don’t cream my cheese since i don’t recall anything other then them yucky vegetables coming from them other then when a load of cow manure gets piled up , oh how i love to roll in the manure and you know some of that stuff aint quite bad tasting ether.But all in all a garden is nothing but trouble to me always getting yelled at to stay out of, and not being understood that newly plowed dirt is the best thing to dig in, but i guess being a three legged dog won’t leave me to do much digging ,you just watch and see if i don’t get into a pickle or two before the growing season is over.


I have been doing great as far as the chemo goes ,no noticeable bad effects as of yet other then feeling a little weird and not having the greatest apatite for a few day  just after the whole drawn out  lets get it done already mess that will surely end up with a hole in the ground  tears my blanke,and a lot of beer.But i guess what matters most is the time between now and then,the hours and what we pack into them.Because what are the hours we spend now but memories later for those we leave.Each day is just a blessing being able to wake up and see the light and go about your day doing the things you love ,being just who you are and living the life that you choose.I’m not counting the days just yet and have my mind set on squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of each day i live .


I’m sure glad the pet is spending all the time and energy guiding my sorry three legged self  through this whole mess when others may have just left me to rot along the way .Dropped in a hole without the tears blanket or beers all alone to compost into the earth .But this whole regime of ten days over the hill for blood ten days for poison back and forth two hour mountainous drives and overnight stays seem to be getting the best of him or at least his maneuvering appendages.So he has been taking it easy ,writing a lot of songsand leaving the guitar in the case for the most part, just kicking it around the farm tending to light chores and trying to take it easy.I think he will survive this a whole lot better then I will as he has been through this a few times before,as for me everything seems a  first………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………but that’s not what i came to tell you about ,what i came to tell you about is a dark and sullen room far away in the bowels of  some swank mansion nestled amongst the trees of some unknown to the vast world tax exempt bought and paid for with money that don,t even exist Island. And in this vast wasteland of finely polished oaken boards set in the middle  away from all the bookshelf lined walls its shine gleaming through the veil of hazy mega dollar Cuban smoke sat a large and quite stately table.If you could call it just such being constructed of single slabs of exotic wood which in of itself would land a regular Joe in the hoosegow for a very long time just having the scant bit of to build a small guitar,that sat upon legs that resembled huge clawed tiger feet that must have weighed into the hundreds of pounds. And around this table sat a group of men .Business men,rich men,VERY rich men,who in the course of their lives have accumulated vast fortunes through the acts of buying and selling money and war.

Through the ages ,this group of men,some members of old money families,have increased their fortunes by the means of manipulating the economy, through the lending of moneys from their very own reserve to country’s who already cannot sustain even the interest on the loans that keep them afloat while with such vast holdings cause the rise and fall of the mighty dollar to the point that it breaks  lenders and leave them in utter chaos .Leaving  companies owned by these very same men the opportunity to exploit these torn countries and leave them in ruins while lining their pockets with yet more of the wealth of even the poorest of nations. And at the same time now and over the years have through the use of planned and executed events  drawn this country into wars that consume the lives of the young while fueling  through the sales of weapons of war  the greed and ravenous feeding  that nourishes these very same men.Trading money for death and at times reaping from both sides of the battle while the bodies stack higher.

Now they have you in a war on terror.A war that will never end .And with this war on terror, they have also taken away your  rights and continue to daily. In the guise of protection the common Joe has lost much.Maybe some day perhaps before this country we all live in collapses ,these humans can figure a way to do away with this room and its inhabitants and run this country in a way that everyone can reap the harvest and none shall be taken advantage of and go without.

These men sit around this table , and make the decisions that effect the vast majority of the world. Orchestrating their symphony of destruction,while reaping the spoils of war death and turmoil,while having not the slightest clue that they won’t be able to take any of their riches with them when the whole shithouse goes up in flames?………….. but what do i know, I’m just a three legged dog name Rooster……..remember , keep chewing on that shoe…..


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One Response to “Spring is in the air ,or how i came to hate the war machine.”

  1. jerry Says:

    Hey Rooster, I was thinking about you and wondering how the chemo sessions went. You sure look like a dawg who is kickin’ cancer’s butt!

    I agree: this country is in a world of hurt right now because of greed. Why can’t more people be more like us and just be happy with the little things in life, like snow and digging and mudpiles? Sheesh.

    Keep on loving life Rooster, we can’t wait to see you running around during springtime!

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