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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

T minus 38

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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T minus 38 hours until my first injection of some substance strong enough to kill off what has been eating me up but lax enough to leave me among the living. Hope this works and that the side effects are not all that drastic. Kinda has the human pet worried more then me as i don’t worry about much except whats for dinner when can i go out where are you going and whats for dinner. All in all it was a great slow day still letting the pet human rest up his weary bones for the long trip to the coast ,but did get my tracking collar on today and was let out to run around the farm here (which I’m getting pretty good at when I’m not medicated) and had a nice nap in the shade by the windmill before being fed this new fortified mush my pet human calls plop and then force fed the little white wafers i have come to quite enjoy and really have no problem having them dropped in my mouth ,the feeling is a like a well i just cant explain it but it does make the day seem a bit better ,and they are bitter and bitter now is better and ahhhhhh yawwwwn i think im gonna go lay down . See ya later. P.S Still chewing on that shoe?

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