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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

A grand day outside…

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What a grand day it turned out to be ,other then having to wear those stupid clompy back shoes that is. Twas booted up and let out and loving just being out was enough for me even shod up in those slappy slippity very undignified not cool black booties or what ever they call them . But then out came the leash and hey i know what that means so i tail wagged it to the gate and was waiting black booties and all to be leashed up and taken OUTSIDE the perimeter of that lousy home built cheesy nails sticking out all over the place fence line and let loose(as far as a leash will let me )to make my way about and sniff the as yet unsniffed sniffees that linger on the OUTSIDE.You know i did pretty good at first and was actually towing the pet human pretty fast ,but this hop-running is really tiring and i was pooped by the end of the road , but then not even thinking i walked up to the corner of Mrs. Edwards fence hiked my good back leg and took a leak. My pet human was amazed and to tell you the truth so was I. Off we headed but didn’t make it that far ,i looked for that sexy redhead but she was no where to be seen and then only made it to the wood pile near the highway and was tuckered out,so sensing that my pet headed me back towards the house, we went around the corner and low and behold my pet humans back tire started getting a flat (Goat head sticker attack) and here we were the blind leading the blind ,or at least the crippled leading the cripple, but then there in plain site around the back corner of the fence came a healthy sized Jack rabbit ,and I’m not picky when it comes to rabbits even though i haven’t caught one yet ,some day,but he saw us before we could stop and he stopped and we stopped and kinda had a Mexican stand off sans the Mexicans and the distance and the trail and need to pass each other in eaches destinations ,and then off he went,and my pet was ready i could feel the vibes he was gonna let me loose to chase this one ,he had his hand down close to the clasp and was ready and calmly telling me to chill and off went the rabbit hauling buns into the brush. Oh well so much for that, i was assured that i would get another chance at it as i heal a bit more or the next time presents itself . So we headed back into the compound and the pet got his funny box scope thing that flashes and persuaded me to run about and pose for him and point his funny flashing box thing , it was all quite harmless and afterwards he took off them blasted black booty shoe things and swapped them for my blinking collar and off i went to take up my duties ( I’m a sheep protector you know ,and even tho there are no sheep about and I’m scared of stop signs i still am a sheep protector) for as long as i should be needed to carry them out or when ever the pet came out and yelled about having a rock (that’s a whole other story ) of which he did , so off inside i went after what seemed like a long while (sheep protectors sleep a lot when there is nothing to protect especially the sheep we don’t have ) and was fed a pretty good meal of dog food drenched with grandmas homemade beef stew (she makes the best food and sneaks me taste,s all the time even when i had four legs) and was then stuffed with more nasty wafers from them blue bottles but was given one extra of the little white ones i like ,beings the my pet said i looked extra stiff and tired from all the running around today and away i headed into lay away.
Next time around I’ll tell you how i write this whole blog thingy ,its quite interesting involving my pet human a jar of cookies, that keyboard and a little Canine thought projection, it will bow your mind as they say ,but hey it works and they also say what works you don’t fix .I’m beat so I’m gonna turn the human loose and go down the hall and get me some reals shuteye . See ya and remember keep chewing on that shoe.

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