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Rooster tripawed
12 Jul 2012

Dog Day Afternoons, Or There Aint No Cure For The Summertime Blues……….

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Well its been a busy spring here ,and the heat of summer is finally upon us . I really don’t like it as much as the winter ,but the pet seems to function a lot smoother ,and spends a lot more time outside when the weather is fare, and that means more time for me outside . What with the long drawn out days that seem to last forever, i get to stay out into the wee hours of the morning guarding my flock of invisible sheep and staying fast what “hairy eyeballed ruffians ”  may be lurking in the dark looking to create mischief. But most nights it seems to be just me and the stars ,with the occasional rat or mouse and the pet just before bed out hunting them pesky Earwigs ,that seem to love his garden as much as he…………………………………………………………….. So i sit and cherish my Foxhole so to speak that i have singlehandedly pawed out of the dirt for myself , and think back to all of the roosts that i have had the pleasure of manning ,er dogging ………My favorite I would say is here between the corn and the trees ,where i can rest from the early afternoon,sheltered from the searing sun and drying wind by the shade of the trees that surround us here,and slumber right on through the nighttime hours, waiting for a rabbit to just try and raid the garden ,while feeling the warmth of the ground rising up to sooth my weary bones … Another good one was on top of the pets Quad ,which sat at the top of a high rock wall ,but just outside the door to the cabin ,from which i could scan the whole of the cleared area afloat like a ship in the huge forest  that cradled our home of wood and rock, Across the yard from that there is an old pick-nick table sitting under a majestic elderly cherry tree, that made up a real great roost,as it sat overlooking the little unnamed creek we lived most of our life on. And gave us the greatest view of flora and fauna then any other perch Ive seen ,though never as secure a feeling as the previous roost with it log backing and comfortable passenger seat i would curl up on, and feel fine on the coldest of winter morns, but by day was a picture perfect example of just what creatures did hunt and water from our little spring of life.Always bounding night after night and day to follow ,with animals much to vast to even explain  to you here and now . Everything from Squirrels as big as cats, to cats as big as dogs, with the occasional Blue-tipped lizard and Rattlesnake,Newt and frog,Bald eagle and Bear,not to mention the spirits of all the animals past ,that have lived and loved upon that land. Yes dogs believe in ghosts….Ive felt the presence of loving and gentile giants of the past ,from the matriarch Maggie on down through the like of Ogre the Roooing Chow-hound…..Tusker and Trudie, Lucky and Luke ,Blue and Turk, and of course Frankie and Spencer,even though i still don,t care to much for the feline kind…… The pet says he is taking me back up to the mountain, so once more i can set upon my perch ,and rest my weary bones ,amongst the love of the land…….He says its the last trip i will make in my doghouse on wheels,but that he will make sure I’m safe and settled in,and free from this pain that has once again creeped into my body.You see we went back for that next great hopeful check up ,and low and behold our progress had reversed ,and upon having our chest ex-rayed again ,there was found that evil curse that shall surely befall us all,in the form of three “Metts” they call them,though just another worthless word for a bad painful death. But alas ,the pet has insured me that there will be no pain besides the loss of our presence to him and you ,and that the last thing we shall see and hear  will be his face close ,whispering goodbyes and farewells, long before the tears can bust this bubble and give him away………..I don’t know how long this stage that has been set will take to play out,nor just what pain i will endure before my fate is sealed……..I know the pet will try his best to judge and jury these results, before the execution that shall end my days………He says he fears his dog days may be over …..never wanting to have an animal that is in his care … left to an unknown existence…..should he fail to keep afloat in this game of life……If i could talk i would tell him to indeed not falter in finding yet another four legged fur friend ,to sooth his soul, and keep him company in this lonesome life he has chosen to live. So in closing ,I will keep you all posted as to my fight ,It sure has been a grand one ,and if i don’t say so myself, i have done my very best to beat the odds of a very aggressive and growing plague………At this point in life i am kinda looking forward to a bit of a rest ………After all It sure beats a sharp stick in the eye, and what the hell I can’t dance and its to hot to plow…….But what do i know? I’m Just a three legged dog named Rooster……………..

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2 Responses to “Dog Day Afternoons, Or There Aint No Cure For The Summertime Blues……….”

  1. Dakota Dawg Says:

    Well hell Rooster. I have been wondering where you ran off to. Your summer seems to be just full enough for contentment, but I do hate hearing that you have some unwelcome internal guests. How are you feeling? How’s the breathing?

    What about your pet? Is he doing ok with all this? Speaking as a pet, I can say I completely understand his attitude about saying “no more” to another furry companion. On the other hand, it’s really hard to give that up. You give us so very much. Even when you’re silent, your presence is so filling.

    Please don’t run away for a long time, Rooster. I want to know how you and the pet are doing. Come back soon.


  2. jerry Says:

    Hey Rooster, I’ve been thinking about you. I’m sorry the news is not good, it’s heartbreaking when the vet gives you that kind of diagnosis, especially for the humans. We dogs don’t count days or wonder how long we have, we just want to have fun, but it’s the humans who really get hung up on this news. I remember my folks cried a LOT when we found out I had lung mets.
    Tell your pops that lots of tripawds with cancer have gone on to live many more hoppy days even after those mets made an appearance. I personally had 7 great months after two big mets showed up in my life; hah, I showed them!
    I know you will show them too. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful life together with your peeps, and keep reminding your pop that it’s not about quantity of life, it’s about quality. You definitely have that going on my friend.
    All of us send our best and lots of hugs your way. We miss your beautiful prose. Come back soon and let us know how you’re doing.

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