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Rooster tripawed
16 Mar 2012

Life in Dogtown or the Wolf pack and significance of the parable of The Trinity

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Howdy Partner how goes it with everyone out here in cyber-land?  Me I’m okay i guess ,been better and surely have been worse. This last round of chemo kicked me in the backside a bit ,but only for a few days . The whole action of them hydrating me has left me running for the John like an old woman,and the John being outside thus requires me to wake up the Pet at all hours so that i may do just such…..He seems a bit perturbed at times, waking up and donning his jacket to let me out to do my business ,knowing that if he lets me serve myself I’ll be out all night barking at shadows and keeping the whole town awake as i set off all the other dogs that live around us and don’t have the luxury of being able to sleep indoors.But alas he seems to understand and has been quite fair and pleasant with me ,other then the fact that i think he is poisoning me .You see I just have not been feeling up to snuff as of late ,and its just happens that he has for some reason started feeding me all kinds of NEW stuff (read poison) and so in retaliation we have refused to eat this NEW stuff . He thought he would be sneaky and mix in my old food with the new but i know the difference in smell ( we dogs have the greatest noses) and so i just pick through the bowl and grab out the good OLD (read non-poisoness) food and flat refuse to eat any of the new treats which makes him have to keep refilling my bowl with the mixture of OLD and NEW and also requires him to FETCH ( ha turned that around on him huh?) some of my old treats ( he has a 30 lb box of Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits stashed away) .So with all this little white pill administering he has to do ,it ends up in my favor and i get the good OLD stuff…….

But all in all I’m getting back to feeling normal, and i figure after a few more days ill be ready to rumble. I  have been getting stronger at this whole hop-walk thing and showed him a thing or two the yester by fleeing out the gate with my guise of being the “poor old tired sick dog” and man did i fly . See the pet is putting together a garden for growing veggies and had the neighbor over grading the space where his raised beds will go and in between working and gossiping they shut the tractor off and when it wouldn’t start the neighbor had to go fetch his truck to jump start the big yellow beast and in doing so the gate was left open just a wee bit and off i flew .I ran and i mean ran (no hop-walking this time) all the way to Eddie’s house with the Pet in hot pursuit ( He didn’t have a chance and never would have caught me) but i made the mistake of exiting stage left into Eddie’s yard and was soon cornered and nabbed,but not having a leash he soon had to release me and prod me on home ,ha off i went again and left him in the dust and you know i would have made it all the way to the other corner had it not been for the neighbor across the street who headed me off at the pass so to speak , and with a leash hidden behind her back snagged me up and held me fast until the pet caught up with me. Well it was a bit of freedom and surely will make him think twice before presenting me with another chance to flee……………………………But that not what i came out here to tell you about and you knew it. What i came out here to tell you about is “The Wolf pack and the significance of the parable of the Trinity” The first i recon most folks know about and the later is a parable and as with parables i just can’t tell you whats its about and you will have to figure that one out for yourself.



So lets get on with the Wolf pack ( They say all us dogs came from the Wolves and being so decided i should edumacate myself to this phenomenon) ……. The wolf pack consist of wolves (duh) ….Canis Lupus …….which consists of usually the parents and off spring up to two to three year olds. Wolves are an extremely social animal. They exist as a social unit called a pack and thus we speak of “A pack of Wolves”. Wolves travel and hunt in a group and perform almost all other activities in the company of fellow wolves. Kinda like people except for the pet who for the most part has been what they term “A lone Wolf” though surely out of some choosing of his own not being anywhere near the Omega of the pack or the least Wolf you might say.The pack is usually a family group. It is made up of animals related to each other by blood and family ties of affection and mutual aid.The core of a pack is a mated pair of wolves – an adult male and female that have bred and produced young.The other members of the pack are their offspring ( young wolves ranging in age from pups to two and three-year-olds ) unlike these humans who seem to keep their young around for quite a while ,as i know of some who are pushing 60 and still living with the” A ” wolves .Within each pack is an elaborate hierarchy. It may consist of a single breeding pair, the Alpha male and female, a lower group consisting of non-breeding adults, each with its own ranking, a group of outcasts, and a group of immature wolves on their way up. Some of the younger wolves of the pack may leave to find vacant territory and a mate. Pack sizes vary, most packs have 6 or 7 members, although some may include as many as 15 wolves. The size depends on many variables including the current numbers of the wolf population, the abundance of food, and social factors within the wolf pack. Which must be the case also with humans, as i have seen houses packed with many times more then this. Individual wolves in a pack play different roles in relation to the others in the group. The parent wolves are the leaders of the pack – the alpha male and alpha female.The alpha male and female are the oldest members of the pack and the ones with the most experience in hunting, defending territory, and other important activities.The other pack members respect their positions and follow their leadership in almost all things, The alpha wolves are usually the ones to make decisions for the pack when the group should go out to hunt or move from one place to another.The other Pack members all have positions in the hierarchy inferior to those of the alpha male and female. The young adult wolves, who are the grown-up offspring of the alpha pair, have their own special roles under the leadership or their parents. Some of them are able to “boss around,” or dominate their sisters and brothers because they have established themselves as superior in some way. This superiority might be physically-larger size or greater strength , but it can be based on personality. Dominant wolves in the pack usually have more aggressive and forceful personalities than their relatives of the same age.The juveniles and pups-wolves under two years old do not occupy permanent positions within the pack hierarchy. They all take orders from their parents and older brothers and sisters, but their relationships with each other change frequently. During their play and other activities, they are constantly testing one another to find out who will eventually be “top wolf” in their age group…………..Relationships among creatures that live close together in groups are often very complicated, like members of a wolf pack. Studies of captive wolves and wolf packs in the wild have shown that many complex rules of behavior seem to govern the way that the animals relate us each other,another trait they seem to have in common with humans…………Rank order is established and maintained through a series of ritualized fights and posturing best described as ritual bluffing. Wolves prefer psychological warfare to physical confrontations, meaning that high-ranking status is based more on personality or attitude than on size or physical strength. Rank, who holds it, and how it is enforced varies widely between packs and between individual animals. In large packs full of easygoing wolves, or in a group of juvenile wolves, rank order may shift almost constantly, or even be circular ( animal A dominates animal B, who dominates animal C, who dominates animal A)…………Loss of rank can happen gradually or suddenly. An older wolf may simply choose to give way when an ambitious challenger presents itself, yielding its position without bloodshed. On the other hand, the challenged individual may choose to fight back, with varying degrees of intensity. While the majority of wolf aggression is non-damaging and ritualized, a high-stakes fight can easily result in injury for either or both parties. The loser of such a confrontation is frequently chased away from the pack or, rarely, may be killed.  Seems to me i like the small pack i have here in the badlands, as there is no fighting, dominating ,nor chasing off( they always seem to come running to chase me back) not to mention the bloodshed or death that can result from such.

So i recon i have it made as do most of the dogs in this world ,but don’t get me wrong ,there are still those humans who at the “drop of a hat” will take “Mans best friend” and drop him like”A hot rock” into the realms of what is known as “The Pound” .Now i have known a few dogs myself that have had such worthless humans who for whatever reason ,be it moving into a new house ,being tired of the responsibility of caring for or just being selfish and not giving a “Flying %$#@ and have came close to ending up in this said Pound,and were it not for the saving grace of animal lovers such as my pet would surely have ended up being “Put down” which is just a simple phrase for being KILLED .Ive known one who not once but twice was saved by my pet and who now is living a good life among responsible owners .And to think these same folk are left to breed and have their own packs.There should be a law against it.If your not responsible enough to take care of the pet you thought was “Such a cute puppy” until its dieing day (which stacked up to human life is not that long) then you surely shouldn’t be let to breed your own pack. Which leads me to”The significance of the Parable of the Trinity” .

Now i am not talking “The Father ,Son ,nor the Holy Ghost” nor “The first nor the last” nor even “The Alpha nor the Omega” even though it does quite nicely blend into the scheme of things in this whole “Wolf Pack” inspired jumble of words I’ve lain out here for you to peruse .I have a parable which is something I’ve learned from the pet and his song writing .Which in itself is nothing more then a short story that is jumbled up just enough to leave most folks wondering just what the heck is being said ,while at the same time leaving the smarter ones ,or merely the ones still inside the pack to decipher its meaning and thus benefit from the wiseness inclosed and never be left “Out in the cold” nor ” holding the bag” in this scene we call life .

The Trinity was nor is three but one in three or perhaps one with three which left to fend alone as “A lone Wolf” would surely whither and crumble as leaves from a tree in fall. But being bolstered with a forth or maybe even a fifth or sixth has slowly but moldered and festered and spread its decaying self among the basket, and surely left as such shall “Spoil the whole bunch”, and holding its being in limbo with the likes of comparisons to Sulpher or insecticidel soap has managed to remain just above a fly infested pile of dwindling compost.But as time will always surely tell, even the saved plant as such will weaken from the remedies and end up in the creosote dump…………..Its all in the word and thus not in the parable itself……

But what do i know I,m just a three legged dog named Rooster…………So remember ,keep chewing on that shoe.

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One Response to “Life in Dogtown or the Wolf pack and significance of the parable of The Trinity”

  1. jerry Says:

    Rooster, you always give us a lot to think about!

    OK, first, I’m glad you’re perking up. Chemo does a number on pups, especially if diet changes are happening too. I hope your tummy is ok and your appetite is back.

    Now, I agree: dumping off at a shelter is just awful! I came from a shelter myself. I was left in a box by the gate. Can you believe that? UGGGH! But hey, my good peeps found me and there was a hoppy ending after all. It’s my dream that all dawgs and kitties too get to have a happy ending as well.

    Now that Trinity thing. Well, I think I get it but I’m not sure. Maybe you should expand on that?

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