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Rooster tripawed
19 Feb 2012

Hypochristians, or the lush green meadow at the end of the path………….

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Well well well ,it’s been a wee bit of ,well time,since I’ve hooked up the pet and perused his cerebral vestige, and peeked into the realms of the darker hidden file cabinets and plucked forth a few things to toss inside this simple canine mind of mine to and help me cruise on through the evening and maybe even make me in a very distinguished and upright Dogtown way chortle……………Didn’t seem to run into much in the lines of anything that might in the least bring forth a gleeful guffaw ,and so i figured i would get right to the side-dish of this whole foul song and dance that, has become so much a part of my once slow and easy going run of the mill canine existence.

This whole Chemo Carboplantin ,poison the dividing cells while poisoning me in the hopes that we kill all the bad fish in the pond while leaving the good ones, laced with the humiliating shaving of the legs , Elizabethan collar ,and the ever so “I’ll turn my head the other way ,lemme know when your done” Phlebotomy rituals have began to quite literally suck……..But we are now to the middle point(if the effects of this poison don,t start rotting my insides) or the next to the last (if my innards take an “exit stage left ” as (if my perusing of the pets brains are right) Snagglepuss used to say ( I think he was a pink cat,go figure) so i recon, as well as a dog can recon(and I do quite well ,thank you) that we are nearing the beginning of the path that leads to the clearing . The only thing now left to question (without any real pact and factual answers) is , just how long will this path be ,and just how many rocks will be strewn along its route for me to stumble across?

It seems that the paths we all must trod are oh so different ,and as many other things in life, leave us to wonder just what and how much we can change the outcome of all these messes with just a little faith ,a  lot of love and a whole big wheelbarrow full of patience?

So my hopes are high ,though the outcome of so many cases such as mine are dire .I can only trudge on and give this my best shot ,after all it is my life we are talking about ,and not just some long lost bone in the ground simple frustration.And just the positive thinking and simple but costly procedures have already ,and will in my estimate extend my life and provide  me a comfortable and though not so easy trek along this path upon which head i now stand,three legged or not……….. But that’s not what i came to tell you about (but you knew this in the beginning) what i came to tell you about is HypoChristians……….……I know its not officially a word ,but they are out there ,and i have seen them ,and they are not me……..

I guess i will have to take you back in time to another place and time in the past ( though not so far ,as a dog only lives so long ) when out walking the pet on the streets of an unnamed and quite out of the way city ,that often beckons me in my dreams ,and calls to me as the wild unto a wolf, those unknown yearnings and leanings that make us canine as well as this vast human race tick and tock along their simple journeys through life . The pet had me walk through town with him to dry……as I had just undertaken the only thing even remotely close to this whole intercity animal hospital fiasco that I’ve been caught up in lately ,which was a dog bath and grooming….and given the simple system of things as such ,it was custom to be dropped off at the groomers to be prettied up (while the pet foraged in the local packaged food establishment) and then set free ( as far as a leash will allow) to walk through the fore unmentioned town and watch the pet intermingle with animals of his own species ,while picking up small trinkets and baubles and ending up at last on the patio section of a fine and outstanding Mexican food eatery. You see I’m a service dog , and in return for me helping out my pet human I am allowed entry to many different establishments that mainly cater to feeding these humans. But once again I’m getting ahead of myself…… As we walked down the street we happened to pass the towns one and only Christian book store ,and loving books as well as the Christ himself my pet decided to venture forth into the inner regions of said literary business ,and while accessing the quite non functioning wheelchair ramp and ever so stuck and complicated ,bell ringing glass and metal door a hand outstretched and assisted us (though the pet is known to simply refuse and most times himself offer such services) and attached to the hand was the most sinister looking person i have had the displeasure of ever laying my lazy dog eyes upon.Having perused the pets brains many times through CTP ( see dogblogging) i have come to many files ,stored away of another time when the pet had gazed upon the flat screened glass alters ,and watch what i have come to know as cartoons,and i love to watch the people we intermingle with and pair them up with the characters in these CARTOONS( I’ve even seen one about a Mareema Herd Protection Dog ,such as me ,guarding the flock of sheep from a whiley old coyote) and while looking up at this being connected to the hand that was offering assistance, I remembered many characters fitting his rat looking description.. you know the snidely type ,with pin strip mustache and evil piercing ever twitching beady little varmint eyes , along with the whiny snively you just know nothing good can come from this voice .Well twas at that precise moment that this sinister human ask in his whiny snively voice “Can I help you with something?” to which the pet answered as always (hating to have the pleasure of browsing taken away, by some ever so helpful, but ever so uninformed  run of the mill minimum wage assistance) “No thank you ,just looking about” To which the rat looking man then closed in and assumed a stance that brought forth the thought that at any moment he would pull up his  sleeve ,which would be covered in ,and offer to sell me a quite used and quite hot(as in stolen ) watch. But twas not the case in this case ,and the ratman said okay I will leave you to browse ,and if i can help you find anything just holler( though they really don,t mean holler ,as I’ve seen many a human thrown out of said businesses for just that simple mistake) so browse we did ( or the pet did ,as i have not the reasoning nor the patience to browse readable material) .Now having many Bibles and a vast library or reading material my pet was finished in no time and was heading for the door when the rat man appeared as if from the heavens  above and started what would then become his message , his spiel ,his slime behind the front of what at first appeared to be a simple and helpful quiet Christian book store. He first asked in his little whiny rat like voice “Do you partake?” to which my pet answered “In what?’  to which the ratman then handed my pet what looked to be a tract or brochure of Christian literature ,and when my pet took the tract it unfolded like a picture postcard accordion style pamphlet that zipped and zinged downward towards the floor and beheld not quaint little cards reading such phrases or quotes as “The lord is good” nor “What would Jesus do?” nor even “One set of footsteps in the sand” but pockets , yes pockets ,like some over sized credit card holder ,with pockets to slip your cards into ,but instead of credit cards ,Christian tracts or even post cards the pockets were filled with what appeared to be DRUGS ,yes drugs . As the pamphlet unfolded the ratman was already into his speech about how this one would take you up ,while this one would take you down ,and this one here would leave you right in the middle ,as opposed to this ne which would have you CLIMBING THE WALLS. Well my pet then knew he was in the wrong place and that this saintly looking business was nothing more then a front for some sinister and evil drug dealer ,disguising himself as a mild mannered everyday hawker of the Christian belief.Well my pet did holler ,he said “what in the hell do you think you’re doing ,hiding behind the likes of Jesus and the Christian faith ,to deal your fricking drugs and use this whole place as what? A fricking tax right off?”To with which we abruptly headed for the door ………….the whole time mumbling “Hypochristians , what gall, using the likes of God and the Good book to hide behind ,while peddling what apears to be any substance known to man to alter his mind”……………we quickly left, finished up our visit to town (which did indeed end at the fine Mexican food place,with me eating a Cevehce Tostado) and headed back up the long drive to our quaint little piece of pleasant peace……………………

Now I’m just a dog ,and being such i don’t really go for nor understand this whole religion thing all these humans are killing each other about ,but man when i wanna bag of marbles i go to the marble store and when i get to the marble store i expect to see and be surrounded by marbles ,not rats with drugs . But then again what do i know ? I’m just a three legged dog named Rooster .

Remember ,keep chewing on that shoe.






Look like fun to you?

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3 Responses to “Hypochristians, or the lush green meadow at the end of the path………….”

  1. Judy Says:

    Rooster – I love your stories! Your pet sounds like one of the good ones, for sure. Glad he gave rat guy hell!

    That poison better do the right thing for you! I think you need to stay around awhile.

    Hugs and Slobbers
    Judy and Baby

  2. Dakota Dawg Says:

    Wow Rooster, what an experience! My Woman says it sounds like you found Snidely Whiplash. No clue who that is but that’s what she said. Good thing you guys were able to leave with no trouble. I think that would have frightened my Woman.

    I’m with Judy and Baby. I know the poison and bloodletting and humiliation suck, but you are here for a very good reason and your job’s not done. So stick around.

    Love, Dakota

  3. jerry Says:

    Rooster, we have high hopes too. All of the icky treatments will be over and you will be back to your old life in no time. Hang in there.

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