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Rooster tripawed
19 Feb 2012

But three scant strands

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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The pet wanted me to post this for him ,as from dog to dog it has always weighed on him………..

Do youthink this green shirt makes my butt look big?




Sometimes i feel as though my life is hanging by a very thin string , the rope of my youth having dwindled down to just a few scant strands.

The years of hanging on that rope and the load of stupidity I had weighted it down with has severed the cords alas until there are but three

And even though over these last few years i have lightened that load and ceased my senseless swaying and tugging those three strands weaken.

Held together by nothing more then faith and good deeds i simply hang and slowly sway and bide my time awaiting that plucking of the three.

Knowing that each day that passes draws me nearer to the end of my sway and closer to that last final pluck and inevitable fall to my end .

And as upon this thin line I hang the greatest pain and suffering is the thought that when I fall no one will think to take care of my dog .

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3 Responses to “But three scant strands”

  1. Dakota Dawg Says:

    Being part of this community has taught me some things. Well, not exactly taught. More like reinforced heavily.

    1. The people in the world who are mean to animals can be much meaner than I ever imagined.
    2. The people in the world who are good to animals can be much better than I ever imagined.

    Consequently, I think that Rooster would be cared for if your threads were cut today. But you have to do what you can to make it happen.

    We have members here who have driven many, many miles to bring into their homes a very senior dog, to give that dog a loving home for what may end up being only a year or so. Those people exist.

    Talk to people, see who might do that for Rooster. And if you come up short, make sure you leave written instructions for someone to come here and get that help. Rooster might well live his last years with another Tripawds family. Stranger things have happened.


  2. rooster Says:

    It twas mainly a poem,that puts my real feelings. And was a great way i thought of expressing such………..

  3. Judy Says:

    It was a lovely, touching poem… thanks for sharing it. It’s a wonderful way to expresses our love for our dogs.

    It was also good to see Dakota’s advise because we hadn’t thought to make ‘arrangements’ for our furbabies ‘just in case’. Guess we better get on it!

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