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Rooster tripawed
6 Feb 2012

Memories hanging on the wall ,or a mad dash while the masses worship………

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Wow that was quick ,over the hills and to the NEEDLES and back again without even a short visit to anyone .Pet says it was the stab em slab em and grab um move,figuring that all the football Wow that was quick ,over the hills and to the NEEDLES and back again without even a short visit to anyone .Pet says it was the stab em slab em and grab um move,figuring that all the football worshipers would be gathered around their flat shiny alters worshiping the football gods ,stuffing their faces with much unneeded junk food and as with some other religions even speaking in tongues (must be a lot of demons about ,with all the damn this and damn that ) and really either jovial and dancing about screaming YES or morose and gesturing and screaming NO. So while this whole football worshiping was going on ,(which happens across the whole country and even involves flying banners and flags and going to these big Mega -churches and dressing to what amounts to multicolored wore over the clothes Jesus Jammys and arguing and consuming mass quantities of alcoholic beverages (which my pet never minds a few of) and stuffing their faces with tube steaks ( which i never mind a few of ,even though I’ve heard they are made from lips and assholes) and spending oh so much money just for the opportunity to sit in an uncomfortable seat in the often times cold sub freezing winter weather to pay tribute to these gods as they do what appears to me to be playing with a #@%&ing ball,now come on ,i like balls also ( i know i pair i was quite fond of ,that are hanging on Dr. Joe’s garage wall) but hey man there is limit to everything………Never in my wildest dreams (and yes dogs do dream, you think we just lay and ROOF ,wop wop and make funny noises and act like were running while NOT dreaming?) would i have thought hundreds no thousands ,ha would you believe over a 100 million people would sit and worship these muscular fancy clad gods parading up and down what appears to me to be a poop-less dog-park chasing and throwing about a ball that is not even shaped like a ball and would funnel their money into the companys that spend over $300,000,000 in just ads alone ,for this once a year end to a rather (in my opinion) boring and needless game that is a waste of money that could be used for much better things.But then again that seems the speed of this human controlled world that i am but a wee part of. And so while this was all playing out me and the pet took our drive over the hill ,got stuck with a NEEDLE which is getting to not even be such a bad thing anymore ,hit up the hardware store,did some light shopping and stopped by to see the pets parents (and collect a small plastic tub of chicken and gravy that nice pet mom saved for me) and were gone in a flash ,and you know it worked ,the stores were bare (of humans) and the roads where barren and the last stop at Micky Dees didn’t even involve a line.
But that’s not what i really wanted to tell you, though I,m sure all will be pleased with the fact that even after two Chemo treatments i have shown hardly any ill effects and the last time i went with the pet for a walk i made it all the way to the mailbox and back without a rest and am waking in the AM like old times and chasing my tail and have even figured out how to obnoxiously scrape my body against the hallway wall in a three legged hop-walk scrape fashion ,back and forth up and down (which feels oh so good first thing in the morning) and all in all have been quite my normal preamp self. What i came to tell you about is this funky ,smelly,whining feline being they call Ziggy .See i had to share a ride with her to the docs as it was time for her to get stuck with a NEEDLE and get shot up with some substance and also have some blood sucked (guess the vampires there in Snard are not very picky) .The ride over the hills and to the coast wasn’t the usual (lay in the back of the doghouse on wheels and watch the scenery go by and catch sniffs of this and that in between naps) ride ,instead i had to listen to that lazy whining female feline squall non-stop all the way there and back,not to mention having them folks at the docs even know i share a house with the likes of a finicky fur-ball spewing felinstrosity such as her, but hey sometimes we just gotta go with the flow and stick with the whole “do unto others thing” and what with her being close to 100 years old in cat years (that’s what the doc said) and the doc saying everything with her is fine and dandy and that she is just OLD ,i guess it wasn’t such a bad trip after all,and i did get my double cheese burgers so I am sated,though i will never understand this whole football craze (and i hear there are more,baseball,basketball,hockey (which doesn’t even have a ball) ,so many i can,t for the life of me remember them all.But hey what do i know ,I’m just a three legged dog named Rooster .So with that i bid you farewell (for the time being) and think I’ll turn the pet loose and head outside and see if i can find one of MY own balls……….remember keep chewing on that shoe…………

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2 Responses to “Memories hanging on the wall ,or a mad dash while the masses worship………”

  1. ooftavey Says:

    So glad you’re doing so well! All the way to the mailbox is huge! Sorry about the cat, but what can you do? We don’t always get to choose our family. I’m doing pretty well, too. Figured out how to get on my couch. The tricky thing is to lay the right way, so my head is on Mom’s lap. Sometimes I get it wrong and have a heckofa time turning around. Baby steps.
    Take care,
    Baby (and Mom Judy)

  2. jerry Says:

    “finicky fur-ball spewing felinstrosity”

    Heeee heee! Now THAT is one way to describe those little creatures!

    Glad you’re kickin’ the chemo’s butt, Rooster. Keep it up.

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