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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Wow what a day

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Wow what a day ,Ive have had more pills shoved down me and there are even more bottles lined up on the counter . Well i hope they are like them little white ones i like. Today had mayor suckage factor, First we headed to the coast and went to that place with the caged little white and brown monster and as soon as i hop-walked in they started feeding me Tri-tip and other various meat cuts and all them little human puppies petting all over me ,and you ask what could suck about that ,well they were just buttering me up because first thing next morning off my human pet takes me to that place with all the nice girls and a million dog smells and LEAVES ME . Next thing you know I’m in a cage and then out come the needles oh no the NEEDLES ahhhh ,in they go bags of this bags of that, all the while everyone telling me ahh good Rooster well sure I’m gonna be good you got me in a cage stuck full of needles ,what else can a dog do but be good or KILL.
Well i feel asleep and woke to the voice of my pet human somewhere off in the distance and hoped they didn’t have him in a cage stuck full of NEEDLES ,after a bit of time they took me from the cage and closer to my pet human and for a second I caught a glimpse of him and felt much better and groggily noticed i was no longer stuck full of NEEDLES.So they led me into a room and there was my pet and I was so glad to see him ,they poked and prodded at me and talked for a while and this guy in a white coat was handing over them BLUE bottles ,you gotta watch the BLUE ones they got some mean stuff in them I learned once i got home . After a bit we headed on out and tho a bit groggy i climbed on into the truck all by myself without that new ramp and crawled into my cozy home away from home and felt much better. My pet made the usual stops for what he calls grub and gas and then headed for them Golden arches ahh yes real grub and gas, see every trip he stops by and buys me two or three double cheese burgers WITHOUT all that nasty red ,yellow and green crap ,ah yes just plain , i grubbed them down and had the sleep of the jest.
So now I’m home I’m feeling okay gotta bunch of treats and this new MUSH stuff the pet call Plop and am now snoozing on the kitchen floor .Word has it today was one of four to six days of this, Chemo they call it. Poison to kill whats ailing me ,a day of this every 21 days followed by blood tests ten days later ,my pet has said i will get weak and maybe sick a little more each day over the next ten days and depending on just how sick will depend on how much more of this Chemo i get and how many more of those pills from the blue bottles . In ten days back we go to get stuck with more NEEDLES and have blood sucked out and tested to see if I’m then fit to be RE-POISONED .i just don’t get it but my pet says its all in my best interest and he shoots pretty straight with me and I’m getting all the usual attention and a bit more and really feel pretty good . So we shall see how these next ten days go and will keep you all posted .So keep chewing on that shoe.

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