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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Whooya whooya …

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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Whooya whooya what a blast we had today ,gotta stay outside alone for hours three or four or more ,whose counting the time when your in your own realm and today i was super Pyrenees mountain dog, big bad and facetious and teemed with the mad dog Maremma blood momma was sure would spoil the whole darn apple basket ,i coulda took on the whole fricking world. But really now ,there aint much happening around this hood that calls for the cunning and sly big guy status that i have been feeling today ,until i heard the word WORMS, yup I got em i dont know where i got em (say they ride around in fleas) but Chalay we aint got no stinking fleas up here in the badlands ,that’s why they call it the bad lands .Now come summer we got us a mess of them Cartoon Joe type Super flies hanging around the hood messing in your face but fleas? Oh well we must have picked them up somewhere ,been hanging with a motley crew these last few weeks here, making all them over the mountain and to the NEEDLES trips and all. Oh well guess the pet human is taking care of business ,so we got rid of fleas today and worms well i guess we will have to settle for more NEEDLES ,shoot I’ve heard from the old timers they used to just shove a horse pill down your gullet to take care of such things, we’ll so much for the good old days .Well anyways i had a fine and pleasant day today ,did get in a bit of a scruff out testing out this fancy cammo shirt i been sporting here lately . Went into the trees thinking we would give it a shot and see if this stuff works ,you know maybe hang on the prowl and wait about incognito for that pesky rabbit that has been chewing up on the pets trees and ,well i just wanna catch me one and eat em up cause buddy they are a whole lot bigger then them pesky gophers I’ve been catching this summer . But as luck would have it you take some cool outdoor hunting clothes type things out and try to put them to use and it never fails , Fidos law i think they call it ,next thing you know I’m tangled up and hung up and slinked back and stuck between the home built Matt Wall fence from Hades stuck full of rusty nails and what not and the “Who knows where they came from ,not from this land ,grow five feet in a year hybred tree from just plain Hell” and wondering ? Where is my pet human ? Do you think he will leave me out here all night? Noticing then that my cool desert cammo shirt was ripped all apart and being devoured by them trees from hell ,and so i pulled and shoved and twisted and turned (as well as a Chemoed up drugged out three legged dog could) until I broke free falling flat on my backsides and sighed a bit of relief . I woke up no telling how long after ,hearing the pets sharp piercing sound and made my way back inside.
Well as always the pet human came to my rescue and didn’t even in the least seem pissed . He took off what i had made rags of an suited me with the very same and if i don’t say so myself quite smart looking ready for action Sarge uniform i had when this days first adventure transpired. So I’m laying in the kitchen doing my whole Canine thought projection via cookie laden human brain blogging and thinking maybe its time to head down the hall and get a bit of rest. I know i was gonna tell you all about this whole Dogblogging technique ,but really I’m quite tired and that in itself IS a whole other story. So for now remember keep chewing on that shoe.

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