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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Missed a day

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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Kinda missed a day in there i was having so such fun . Days three and four post treatment as them humans say went pretty well , no getting sick and really feeling pretty good ,did get left home again while the pet human and another went over to that place that serves me food on a plate, not once but twice in two days .GO figure. My pet human brought me back some Sweetbreads which his buddy thought were bad, terrible and gonna kill us all ,but hey they tasted fine to me. Tonight the treat was Vicky’s super banana nut bread and a few stashed away from the old days Peanut butter dog biscuits, mmmmmm is all i can think. Kinda weird night Saturday and into Sunday cause the pet human didn’t seem to feel all that good ,stayed up all night long with his buddy and played them awful wooden toilet shaped things that make such a racket and howled awfully all night long into the wee hours of the Morning, they did tho come up with a song just about me and actually produced not one but six of these shiny small dog biscuit shaped things that produce that sound that just makes me wanna get up and howl,just like in the moving home away from home when Bob Dylan,s sound comes out of the doors , I gotta howl good and long and my pet human and his buddy human just kept up this cackling sound and actually had water running from their eyes. Humans ,who can figure them out. Slept on and off through this whole racket and had the weirdest dreams of tangerine trees and marmalade skies, got woke up a few times with that human cackling but was able to resume my dreams .All in all it was a pretty good weekend though i got left here again as the pet went off riding his loud green riding machine while his buddy ran along beside him, now wait i used to do that ,i sure hope I’m not being replaced by a human !! But they did return and resumed with making noise with them toilet shaped stick things but no more Bob Dylan sounds. oh well on with the adventure . Got woke up at midnight fed some treats and then had a whole handful of nasty tasting wafers from those BLUE bottles ,but at least there were a couple of those tiny white ones i like so i think I’m gonna take a nap and see if i can dream myself up some rocking horse people and marshmallow pies . Keep chewing on that shoe and ill check back with you later.

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