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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Let it rain…..

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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Wahhooooo rain … I just love the rain ,reminds me of being back home in Oregon and being able to sit for hours on the pick-nick table under the trees and just watch the sky open up and dump it’s bounty .Water just love that stuff ,drinking it splashing in it anything except getting a bath in it though the visits to You Dirty Dog In C.J. were quite alright and the stuff they sprayed on me when i was done left me smelling oh so like a tree…….But water in general is quite the treat.So yesterday that’s what i did, the pet let me out (even though he put that stupid shoe on me) to just sit under the bike barn roof and watch it rain and also watch all the birds the rain brings out, not sure where they all are when its not raining but here when it rains the birds come and sit here and there in the trees or under the roof and wait for it to lighten then they come out of the woodwork and dance all around picking at this and picking at that (must be something good down there , always just taste like that nasty Badlands dirt that when mixed with water turns to some kind of gluey sticky nasty substance that not even a charged hose can dislodge) and hopping about like it was manna from heaven falling instead of just rain.Oh well ,go figure. Birds like humans do the weirdest things and i can never quite figure them out . But the rain was nice (its what makes the grass grow ya know?) and today it looks promising that we may get a bit more before it clears. Went last night and lay down way at the tip in Matt Walls “Gazebo” and when the pet called i just ignored him knowing that with all this newly made Badlands Super Sticky Stuff about he wouldn’t want to jump into his “mud chair” and come get me and he didn’t, not for a while anyways although he has saved me a time or two coming way out here to check on me after my perilous attack by the Killer Trees and when i got this new cool shirt all wrapped around and “short sheeted” around my one good hopping leg,so i thought of responding then thought “Naw” as Wayne Fisher says and just lay back and enjoyed the cool Badlands night air.But low and behold before long there was my pet all muddied up and mad and he proceeded to prod me back over to the bike barn but seemed quite pleased to just let me sit under the roof and watch the night, but humans they always have some ulterior motive and later when i was called in i realized that nasty whining sound i had been hearing was that viral machine that devourers everything in site laying about on the floor (and i don’t mean my buddy Boomer) this machine with a hose and whirling vibrating head with a red eye and sharp teeth just scares the heck out of me and when it is unleashed from the dank and dark room behind the always shut door i try as i might to find a place of sanctuary away and out of its reach ,so seeing that it had done its deed and grabbed up every treat and nibble of food(dog and human) I was quite upset about its arrival and departure and at the same time relieved that I was able to sit out and partake of one of my favorite pastimes while this whole nasty scene was playing out…….So now all the goodies are gone and we will have to hide more but for now I,m just gonna kick it and think about this next trip over the mountains and to the NEEDLES that is surely coming up . Blood tests one day then back again in the morning to get hooked up through NEEDLES stuck in me to bags of some sort of solution that in my honest Canine opinion are just NOT RIGHT and left for the better part of the day to lay and get juiced with whatever kind of whipped up in some Evil Mad Scientist lab type concoction that they would never in their lives think of pumping into themselves before trying it on us dogs .But its gonna make me better? Do we really believe this will really work? It has it might and only time will tell…………Keep chewing on that bone………..

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3 Responses to “Let it rain…..”

  1. jerry Says:

    Hey Rooster, my folks know about CJ, they used to ride their motorcycles around there all the time. Nice place. Do you get lots of treats from Taylor’s?

  2. rooster Says:

    My pets son works there stuffing sausage… i do get my share of Taylors meat….

  3. rooster Says:

    Also Rooster has put many a mile on a motorcycle riding around the Illinois Valley in my sidecar himself, so if your folks have been there they may have seen him about…..

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