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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Lazy days

Author: rooster | Filed under: Uncategorized

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Lazy day around the farm ,didn’t do much of anything but lay about and mend ,got a glop of what nonpedestrian is calling glop ( i just know he is mixing some sort of stuff in there that wasn’t in the can to start with) but all in all it tasted pretty good . Went out and walked the fence line and watched my pet human hang wet clothes and even a couple of these neat shirt things he has been fitting me out with . Says he is waiting for his pack to head up this way and hopes the Alpha male gets them over the hill so they can spend some time together before he heads off on the adventure he has been on for what seems like years, while mumbling something towards the line of “Friends may come and friends may go but family is forever or until they die” never will understand these humans but hey he takes good care of me and really seems to care ,but between you and me i think he has been hitting the doggy drawer a little to much ,and the bottled cold stuff from the fridge mumbling something about wishing he had honey to go with that last drop of whiskey under the doggy drawer .Oh well all in all it seems that the last of this year is going a bit better then anticipated at first and if the pack makes it up here soon i may just get another few human plates of real food . But for now its off to la la land having just been forced to swallow a few more of those nasty tasting white wafers . Oh i did manage to do a bit of tail chasing today knowing that my pet was about to let me out the door WITH my tracking collar on ,i sure do miss just hanging out by the windmill and watching the day go by .

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