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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Its a Ural…..

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Was a great day before this one just kicking it and doing the usual dog things like sleeping out in the yard guarding the pet human from the evils of the badlands (more later) and digging the new food and treat situation and all in all getting used to this whole hop-walk way of life that has been bestowed upon me .The pet is gearing up for another round of this chemo coming next week and always seems a bit worried,me I’m not smart enough to worry just the usual happy sad scared or in the middle ,ah yes no worries here mate . The pet came out the other day and rushed me into the house and went back out alone and started up that big green machine we ride around in and i thought oh boy were gonna go for a ride ,so when he opened up the door and came in and grabbed a few things and Surprised him by doing a fake to left hop to the right three legged bound across the room in a flash and out the door and was waiting by the running green machine to be fitted up with my harness and allowed to climb into the sidecar (they call it) .But NO ! In the house the pet yells and chased me back in calling me a faker and surely onto that fact that i can do lots better then i have been leading him to believe, he closes the door and rides off on the green machine………
So off i go into sad mode and go sit back down on the cool kitchen floor and low and behold in just a few bits of time i hear the drone of that Russian machine way off in the distance and know my pet is on his way back and soon he does arrive and opens up the door and brings in a few large boxy type things and says come on lets go for a ride yeeeeehaaaaaa I love going for a ride especially on the green machine cause its open and a dog can get his face in the wind or is it the wind in his face who cares anyways I’m wrapped strapped and slapped and the pet hops on and off we go flying out of here wind rushing by flying faster then i ever could run with even four legs and loving it to the hilt ,up the highway we flew on over past all the buildings and off into the wild reaches of the badlands .Twas quite the ride ,the river was running a bit which it has all summer and the scenery seemed a bit more bland what with all the trees having left their clothes of leaves on the ground to blow about and confuse an ever on the job dog and not nary even one rabbit or quail in site as they had been all spring and summer long and when looking up i did notice the beautiful blue sky with its puffs of clouds lazily floating along and could smell that faint water dish smell of the coming of rain the wet nourishing drops that never seem to quench the thirst and when puddled offer a nasty badlands dirt taste and thought dog this is the life, we headed on out of the valley and into the Ozena badlands and made a small loop and headed back towards the house . The ride home always seems to be much shorter then the journeys start and being a dog i know that is because on the way to the end you see and remember things along the way and on the return expect and acknowledge there presence as you pass them by and having not seen the new sites in the onset made the adventure seem all the more longer. So in a zip clap and a flash we were back at the barn and the( though always no matter how long the hours shorter then we would please ) wind in the face flying recharge of the soul is over,wait they say dogs aint got no soul…….will there be no dogs in Heaven ? What a sad place that would be. But that aint what i came here to tell you about what i came here to tell you is that no matter how long the ride and no matter whether there will be dogs in heaven when the adventure is over and your standing on your kingdoms ground don’t let your guard down and be ever so vigil and no matter what else ever happens watch out for TUMBLEWEEDS i have seen these things about all summer long having grown from just small bits of green into these monster brown exploding sticker beings from hell , who was to know that one day they would up and unplug them selves from the ground and race across the yard and attack a dog ,I watched these things all day run from one side of the compound over to the other and they all got together by the fence and heal some sorta silent hovering vibrating pow wow then as the day wore on and a dog could finally take his eyes of the enemy and get some rest they all started back across the place and right at me ,well buddy im not standing around and just waiting for these monsters to grab me and take me flying across the yard and yet being the Great mountain dog that i am noticing that i am greatly outnumbered I headed off to the shade of the bike barn…….The rain came and went and always scares me when i first hear it on the tin roof pounding as if to get in and though its just drops of water much like the tumbleweeds when brought together can make for a really dangerous scene ,so up on the pets bed i crawled and knowing i was safe and sound bid the night goodbye …….Remember keep chewing on that shoe!!!

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