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Rooster tripawed
28 Jan 2012

Here we go again….

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Oh shit! Here we go again …..
Over the hills more pills slight chills outside #1 and #2 drills, stiff bills to which i see no thrills cept better meals and treat frills which slightly instills a bit of of the normalcy that I yearn for from that past life of mine….Did i say here we go again? Well there we went over the hills and to coast which in the onset was quite a nice change from the lazing about that i have become oh so used to. First stop was that place with the little human pets running all about making noise, where they fed me food on a human plate once and yet again fed me loads of human food which consisted of mainly meat fed by this cute little human that had a tendency to drop whatever food he had in his paw quite often ,so I followed him about the house and was glad for the treats, one thing about being a sick puppy is that everyone figures that good human food will fix you up ,so everywhere i go i get fed things i wouldn’t normally have the pleasure of getting. And so i ate and lazed about the house though I didn’t get much of a chance to check out the backyard as there was a big growling giant monster out there with flames pouring out of his mouth and the humans seemed to be feeding it MEAT ,holy dog bones what is up with that ? Humans ,I will never figure them out.And then the pet and his buddy Bill grabbed up those toilet shaped stick boxes and made more of that noisy stuff they call music but alas no harmonica so i couldn’t tune myself up and sing along ,but oh well the food was nice and the visit quite grand except for that fire breathing monster ( I think they called it a Mini-Van Bitch) and I will be glad when we stop by this way again. Then we headed off to another place where they feed me good human food ,cept everyone was gone or in their little boxes snoozing so off we went for the night in our own little box and for some reason didn’t get the usual treats and food in my bowl in fact my bowl wasn’t even there. Well the next day brought on what i soon would learn would be another trip to the NEEDLES,my pet took me in and handed my leash to another human and she led me off to the nether regions behind the big wood door. Inside here its all shiny steel and people dressed in white coats and awful smells and cages with other regular dogs like me ,so there is plenty of sniffing to do but alas from a far as we are all caged up in here . And then on comes the NEEDLE ,they take out this buzzing little box thing and took the hair right off my lower back leg( and to think it took three weeks for it to grow to the mangy patchwork mess that it was ) and stuck a very LONG SHARP NEEDLE in my skin and it was hooked up to a couple of clear bags of something that kinda burned a bit going in and after a bit made me feel just plain awful and dizzy and weirded me out something fierce to the point that i lost my cookies so to speak without the benefit of even having cookies so all that came out was a fowl smelling liquid that would have made me gag had i already not been gagging , about then i decided that i really truly and surely did not like this place and in the future would avoid it at all cost ( but hey I’m a dog so we generally go where we are led) but still if i get the chance to bolt i will( like when the pet let me out of the truck the night before and thinking I was to lame to bolt took his eyes off me and having left the leash at home didn’t even have anything to grab but hair or my new shirts one unused sleeve as off down the street i hop-ran and made it four houses away before he caught up with me and as i said led me back by my shirtsleeve) because what they do in there is not right . So there i laid all day waiting for the pet and feeling weird but a little better after having them come in a stick me with yet another NEEDLE and injecting me with some other concoction that seemed to erase the spent cookie syndrome that had me scared earlier.Well in time my pet showed up ( I could smell him and hear him even though i couldn’t see him ) and knowing he was there made me feel lots better . So off we headed and crawled my tree legged butt up into the big doghouse on the truck and headed off to MICKY DEE’S ,yup got me a couple of double cheese burgers plain they call them ,oh i sure love them they do kinda mess things up putting that nasty dry white soft type dog biscuits on them but what with the cheese and the juices and what not even that tastes good after eating the meat. And then off to dream land i went knowing the pet was heading back up the road that leads to home.Upon arriving home we went into the now usual regime that always follows these much dreaded trips,no outside lounging, several short outside jaunts with orders to PEE or POOP ( shoot that don’t even give a dog any privacy) and the new food and treat menu followed by the pried open mouth and handful of pills and then off to dreamland i headed only to be prodded back awake and outside for yet another #1 and #2 drill and led to the water bucket for a nice drink of oh so coooool water. And next thing you know the 6AM train is roaring by and wakes me up and off i go to crawl onto the foot of the pets big bed and end up getting woke back up by that nasty screaming obnoxious feline stink bucket they call Ziggy (more about her later) . So now its another day and another dog biscuit and back to the daily grind ,which will consist of me sleeping on the kitchen floor in between outside evacuation drills ,pills ,chills and treat thrills . So remember ,keep chewing on that shoe………….

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3 Responses to “Here we go again….”

  1. doggiemomma9 Says:

    I love Mickey Dees, too.

    Butchey Hudson

  2. jerry Says:

    Very kewel! You’re like the Kerouac of Dogville, I love it!

    Thanks so much for being a Tripawds supporter, it’s so nice to have you here.

  3. Betta Says:

    Rooster, I heard about that little pet that likes to drop food for you. The good news is he is going to get bigger and drop BIGGER pieces of food!

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